Biztream Features

Listening and Engagement

Receive realtime feeds, based on your business domain, from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, LinkedIn, and online news media. Reply to the social posts right from Biztream and engage with influential people, existing customers, address customer feedbacks, and convert leads to customers. Monitor customer sentiments in realtime.


Competitor Analysis

Biztream organizes all posts by social media users to your competitors at one easy to view place. You can take advantage of customer complaints and dissatisfaction towards your competitors by engaging with those dissatisfied competitors’ customers and converting them to your customers. .

Intelligent Connect

RBiztream provides a mechanism to intelligently connect by sending automated replies to incoming social messages and thereby enables organizations to automatically connect with people useful for their business.


Social Campaign

Organizations can setup contextually and meaningfully targeted campaigns via social media and reach out to a large number of audiences in a short time.

Lead Generation

Biztream uses natural language processing and semantic engine to categorize social postings to relevant sales leads.


Discovery and Insight

Biztream provides an easy to use search and data discovery tool to mine and derive actionable insights from large volume of social data.